Bohan Biz

What is Bohan Biz

 Businesses in China and Poland are looking for contact and cooperation opportunities. Bohan Business meet their expectations. We offer businesses and private investors on both markets professional consulting services.

Our countries are surprisingly similar. Hospitality, family values, innovativeness and passion for feasting are what we have in common. Cultural gap and language barrier is what sets us apart.

Establishing business relationship may be difficult. Bohan Business introduces businesses to China and Poland so that they feel at home, firmly and securely. It cannot be overestimated that they key to the success is not only to establish but above all maintain and deepen the relationship (in Chinese terms 关系).

Thanks to us, Chinese and Polish realities become pleasant and clear, your stay safe, organized, on schedule, and hopefully profitable!

Don't miss it!

Enter immediately on Chinese market with your unique products. We have launched shared sales platform.

Share costs of export (container, custom taxes, storage). Introduce your product on Chinese market cheaply and effectively.


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Certyfikowanie bursztynu w Pekinie (在北京鉴定琥珀). Wybrałem się na Pekiński Uniwersytet, aby poddać jeden z bursztynów certyfikacji na autentyczność. Cena 100 RMB.


Your business meeting with Chinese or Polish partner in hands of best translators! Contact us for translation, consulting and product expert advice.


Call! +48 482 00 89