Language course, business-cultural guide and a B2B platform constitute a package offered by a European project – Chinese for Business (C4B), which enables SMEs from Europe to embark on  chinese market. Everything is available for free for every Internet user, as a part of Erasmus + programme.

The potential of economic cooperation between China and European Union increases year by year. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs still struggle with three problems concerning business collaboration with the Middle Country . They are the following : language and cultural bareer and distance. The Chinese for Business project solves old problems in a new way. All you have to do is to register at

The first of our three products is a Chinese language course. It consists of four subjects units – «Travel » « Preparations », « Operations » and « Work and life », of which  every one constitutes 10 lessons. During every lesson the user learns grammar, basic dialogues and vocabulary. With the audio materials and interactive exercises, the studying process is just as efficient as at school, but more pleasant and available everywhere you are. 

The cultural-business guide is China in questions and answers. Starting with the instruction how to make a transit visa through what a handshake with Chinese businessman should look like ending with the famous dilemma how to eat with chopsticks. Moreover, every article corresponds a lesson at a language course. 

Another product – B2B platform enables a swift trade exchange between China and EU. Every registered user can easily upload an offer of his company in following languages : English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, German and Chinese. Apart from adding offers you can also search for them. 

Creating offers in Chinese will cease to be a problem for a European. The SaaS system of the project is going to be equipped in a special, pioneer tool, which automatically translates it into Chinese and shares it with potential business partners. 

The goal is for the entrepreneur to possess skills to establish a contact with Chinese through a B2B platform after having finished the language and cultural course.


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